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Breed selection is very important. By doing a little research, you can find a dog that meets your lifestyle.

You would not buy a Mercedes coup to transport a family of 6 to a soccer game so if you don't have the time for a dog that requires alot of exercise, training or grooming you may want to think about the practicality of what you have to offer a dog that has its own needs and requirements to be happy and healthy.  A dog is a lifetime commitment …  so let us help you make a well thought out decision. 



ANIMAL REIKI  Reiki Master/Teacher offers Pet Reiki Message which has many stimulating benefits for our companion animals just as it does for humans. It reduces muscle tension and stress. For arthritic pets, it can reduce inflammation. It can also aid in creating an increased range of motion and flexibility. We believe in a well-rounded approach to the care of your pet and where medicine alone may not be able to alleviate these symptoms, reiki massage is a great resource to turn to when your pet isn’t feeling well as well as when they are at the top of their game and we want to keep them that way. Pet massage has several benefits including, but not limited to:

Increased oxygenation into the muscles and tissues
Increased range of motion and flexibility
Inflammation reduction in arthritic and surgical cases
Relief of muscle tension
Nourishment of skin and coat
Speeds up surgical recovery
Gait and mobility improvement

FOR CHILDREN  Dog Bite Prevention - Certified Presenter Providing Children Seminars   Doggone Safe – Dog Bite Prevention program is designed for students in Grades K – 4 and used for the National SAFE Kids Campaign.  The Be a Tree curriculum has been recommended by both the American Humane Association as well as American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. After Be A Tree Curriculum there are additional grade appropriate activities to which students engage.
FOR SHELTER WORKERS & VOLUNTEERS Reading Body Language Bite Prevention, Communication & Handling Skills  learn to quickly establish a relationship with a dog.