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Treatments for self - 

I provide Reiki services in your home or your location of choice.  Some clients like this service for stress reduction and health maintenance but most frequently to prepare for surgery or assist in the healing process or when dealing with severe illness or hospice care.

Cost is dependent on location call for rates.____________________________

Treatments for Animals-

Reiki Animal Services can be provided in your home/barn/yard or veterinarian office.  We mostly specialize in Hospice care but also work with health maintenance or as part of a rehabilitation program.

Cost is dependent on location call for rates.____________________________

Practitioner & Teacher Training

Reiki Therapy I- 

This class runs approximately 6 hours. Reiki I involves learning the positions for a hands on treatment of yourself and others and receiving the attunements to open the channels to allow the energy to flow more freely. After the class you will have all you need to treat yourself and others with a hands on treatment. This is for those looking to learn to do Reiki for themselves and others.  The class includes lecture, hands on work with self treatment and treating others, a manual, the attunements for Reiki I, and a certificate of completion.  You may resit in this class as  a refresher at any time space is available.  

Cost $ 139.00____________________________

Reiki Therapy II-     Becoming a Reiki Therapy Practitioner                                                                       

This class runs approximately 5 hours and involves learning symbols and how to send Reiki over distance.   Completion of this class enables you to provide your services to others as a Reiki Practitioner.  This includes all the instruction, a manual, the attunement and your certificate of completion.  You may resit in this class as  a refresher at any time space is available. 

Cost $180.00____________________________

Animal Reiki - Becoming an Animal Reiki Therapy Practitioner

This class is intended for current Reiki practitioners that want to learn techniques for working with animals. The class is a combination of lecture, Q & A, and hands on work. This class runs approximately 4 hours and is for existing practitioners who want to expand their practice to include animals. There are no attunements involved with this class and it includes a certificate of completion.

Cost 180.00_____________________________

Reiki, Medicine and Healthcare - Learning to integrate Reiki into Conventional Health Care
This class is for Reiki students & professionals wanting to make more informed health care choices for themselves and their families.  This class will enhance your skills and expand your knowledge towards well being as well as running a successful Reiki practice.

More specifically:

How Reiki treatment benefits patients, families and staff   

    What science tells us, and how to identify credible, well designed research

What doctors, administrators and patients need to know about Reiki and what they do NOT want to hear 

        Credibly address issues of safety

        Reiki benefits without making claims   

Steps for raising awareness in your community

        Volunteer responsibly to deepen your clinical experience

        Improve your confidence and professionalism

                Presentation skills 

                        Introducing Reiki to new audiences

                        Creating a Reiki Community & the Reiki Precepts.

Cost 65.00_____________________________

Master/Teacher Training

Candidates for Reiki Master/Teacher are accepted on an individual basis